Hi! My name is Vitaly and I am a conceptual designer and a dedicated 3D modelling enthusiast currently specializing in robot-centric designs for products as well as for entertainment design field. Throughout my 12+ years career I have developed a deep affection for cutting edge technology, innovation and inspiring futuristic design. Working in both fields (entertainment design for Films/Videogames Design and Industrial Design for real products) I was lucky to collaborate with amazing teams and obtain a unique perspective on artistic as well as technical approach that successfully utilizes tools and workflows from the both worlds. 

As an entertainment designer I worked for Dreamworks, Blizzard Entertainment, LucasFilm’s Industrial Light&Magic, Paramount Pictures, MGM, Skydance Productions and more. As a conceptual and industrial designer I worked for Panasonic, Intel’s New Devices Group, Google’s Boston Dynamics, Oakley, Intuitive Surgical and more.

My current/latest projects as well as ongoing part-time commitments include:
- Next generation of Large Manned Robot(Robot-powered suit)  design for Hankook Mirae Technology (Korea Future Technology)
- Unannounced robot design for Hankook Mirae Technology (Korea Future Technology)
- Exterior shells design and partial frame design for bipedal robot with Boston Dynamics
- Robotic designs for a Twentieth Century Fox/ Lightstorm Entertainment sci-fi feature film: "Battle Angel Alita"
- Co-founder of “KILN”, a firearms company currently developing innovative and custom gun parts
- Online store for premium quality designer's 3D KitBash Sets available for at www.3dkitbashstore.com


Few words on 3D KitBash Store: Taking advantage of various modeling techniques, from quad-based SUBD polygonal modeling to non-SUBD polygonal modeling and CAD-based modeling I have been designing libraries of reusable 3D parts that helped me to maintain a high-level of detail in my concepts as well as deliver my work fast within the challenging deadlines. Today most of these libraries are available for purchase via 3D KitBash Store page of this website. The goal is to support an artist with various sets of pre-made mechanical parts that can be reused throughout various projects that involve a digital 3D medium. Whether you’re a concept artist in the entertainment design field or a VFX artist working on large scale 3D matte painting or finishing that complex 3D model or even just having fun as a rapid prototyping enthusiast, I hope these kits will be as valuable to you as much as they have been valuable and helpful to me.


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Some of the projects I was fortunate to work on:

Some of the companies I was fortunate to work with: