Design Works for the film


Growing up as a huge fan of the original GITS it was a dream project for me to work on the full feature film adaptation. 

Besides my 2 main contributions to the film that included designs of the Major’s cybernetic body and the Tank, I was also very fortunate to work on some other stuff like shelling sequence interiors, some weapons and medical props, security/tactical drones and more. 
Big thanks to the director Rupert Sanders and production designer Jan Roelfs for the amazing opportunity. I had a pleasure to be on the project from the very beginning, working alongside with and getting inspired by Maciej Kuciara and Ash Thorp. Also want to give a shout-out to other fellow concept-artists and illustrators who contributed their awesome work to the film as well: Jan UrschelNivanh ChantharaAdam J MiddletonChristian PearceJeremy HannaAndrew Baker, Leri Greer , William Bennett, Nick KellerDane Madgwick and many others ( sorry if I missed anyone!). And of course kudos and congrats to all VFX teams as well as practical prop/set creators at both WETA and MPC who made the final result such a visual feast!


Major's Skeleton/Cybernetic body V.2 

The final approved design I made for the Major's robotic body that included skeleton, cybernetic muscles as well as skin shells layer featured a more aggressive/mechanical looking skeleton with "bones" that used more negative space compare to a biological human skeletal anatomy. 


Major's Skeleton/Cybernetic body V.1

The first version of the design I made featured a much more bio-inspired skeleton with conventional from human anatomy point of view joints and bone structures.



Designing the spider tank for GITS was a great privilege and a lot of fun, but also an exciting challenge. Throughout the first round of initial designs I tried to pay a respectful homage to the original design and also preserve what  was special about it in the final approved version as well. 


Wrapped Bodies.

Cybernetic bodies wrapped for storage was another series of concepts that was really fun to work on!


Environment designs for the shelling sequence interiors as well as other early explorations


Hunter Droid. Briefly shown in the film


Hunter droid on the bike. The bike based on designs of Maciej Kuciara  and Ash Thorp.

Props, medical equipment, weapons.


Hotel Spider.

Initially intended as a robot that hacks Major in one of the hotel's scenes. One of the variation included also a version was supposed to looks like it was built from scrap parts.


Deep Dive. Early studies and quick sketches.


Here is also a video slide-show that shows all these images as well as turntable videos:


Software used:

- Softimage XSI

- Zbrush

- Moi3D

- Keyshot