Some of the unused/early explorations for the robot concepts I did for Hankook Mirae Technology last year.

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As a principal designer at Hankook Mirae I am responsible for creating the early concepts as well as the refined versions/exterior CAD of the selected designs that go through multiple rounds of rigorous feedback from the technical team and eventually get built as functional prototypes. These early stage ideas are more focused either on capturing the feel/character and/or exploring a specific feature of a design rather than trying to hit every single DOF/ROM requirement or fit every actuator within realistic dimensions. To find some interesting ideas I’d try sometimes more crazy stuff anticipating that it probably wouldn’t be realistically built but it would spark discussions in our team and hopefully serve as an early "blue-sky stage" inspiration. The soldier 3D scan model in some of the images is just for the scale ref, there is no intention to use any of these for military( at least not that I'm aware of).